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The Sitecore Water Cooler Podcast - How to get signals from data

Organizations and enterprises today are presented with enormous opportunities. However, they’re also presented with many questions in regard to data and processes. The new age of composable software and business presents endless ways to consolidate content, customer data, and technologies.

In this episode, Mark Cowan, CEO and Founder of Put It Forward, talks to Jon Price, VP Digital Experience Platform at Americaneagle.com, to discuss how technologies can help automate the insights and integrations between siloed systems and data.

In this conversation you will learn:
- why the intelligent automation is important for enterprises
- how to connect multiple systems and applications together
- how to start getting insights from your data
- how to provide a great customer experience.

Do you want to connect your Sitecore solution with other applications? And operate your data faster? 

Talk to our expert or share your challenge - and we'll help you!

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