It's Time to Deliver on the Promise of Workfront and Jira Integration

No-Code/Low Code configuration connectors for Workfront and Jira integration that overcome the limitations of all others.

  • Pre-built configuration based Workfront integration for Jira connectors
  • Create end to end Workfront project management and Jira project management
  • Enable the connection of projects, task, stories, epics, resource utilization and activities for better tracking
Put It Forward Workfront Jira Integration Developer

Solve The Requirements of Workfront and Jira Integration Design, API Management and Process Automation

Automate project creation and assign tasks and issues between Work Management and Development systems seamlessly. Identify better how to manage projects with shared activity performance.

No Code Connectors

Hundreds of Pre Built Connectors made for CRM to big data api integration which replaces legacy middleware or ETL.

Integration + Automation

Automate and trigger events across multiple, cross cloud and on-premise solutions to orchestrate business processes for cross functional execution.

Your Data - Your way

Simple to complex business rules or transformation logic to manage, normalize and enrich your data in the way you want. Maintain integrity across the complete lifecycle.

Integrated Data Quality

Built in quality and governance functions that ensure traceable data integrity is maintained across the entire management lifecycle.

No-Code Modern Solutions for End to End Process Automation

A turn key Workfront and Jira integration set of solutions that brings together team working in different solutions.

  • Improve efficiencies and minimize IT costs with 24/7 support
  • Integrate marketing, crm and custom tools in a single solution
  • Create trigger based events from a central location
  • Centrally manage exceptions, notifications and errors
  • Complete bi-directional real time to bulk integration speed
Put It Forward Integration Designer

No-Code Solution for End to End Project Process Automation

Design process automation for Workfront project management and Jira project management the way you want your organization to run.

  • No code integration to improve efficiencies and minimize IT costs

  • Create trigger based events from a central location

  • Adjust the rate of speed from real time to any interval

Demo of Workfront and Jira integration set up - adminstrators view

Integrate Workfront with all versions of Jira.  This allows you to sync project, task, epics, stories etc together. 

Add trigger logic to start projects, sync tasks or kick off related events in other systems.

Put It Forward - An Integrated Solution Suite

Modern tools that run alone or together to help you scale the intelligent data story

Platform Manager

Automate and orchestrate the components of your platform from a single workspace.

Integration Designer

Code-free design that delivers codeless integration, business rules and data transformations.

Data Governance

Report at any moment in time what is happening with your data.

Delphi - Predictive

Built-in predictive analytics and insights that you can control directly.

Foresight - Insights

Embedded 360 degree insights of an account, contact or member.

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As the owner of data integration software you need to know that it can be used by real people.


This is software designed for the professional to unlock value and can't wait for someone to write code with legacy tools.

Put It Forward Workfront ServiceNow Integration Resources

Leveraging API Integration

This how to article goes through the steps for leveraging api integration as part of digital transformation as you consider scale.

Case Study

Failed and stalled project turned around with Put It Forward Integration Designer which reduced overall costs, brought the project in to completion and exceeded the original mandate.

What is Data Wrangling?

Modern tools and solutions are needed to deal with data preparation use cases. There is more and more data across the organization. Which is an impossible for IT to manage.

Ready to Take the Next Step With ServiceNow Workfront Integration?

Key Features for Adobe Workfront ServiceNow Integration

Put It Forward’s data intelligence platform integrates all the data services needed to make inteligent based decisions and processes possible.

No Code Configuration

A no code environment that allows you to work efficiently and scale through configuration getting the most from your digital marketing apps

Certified Connectors

Hundreds of supported industry-leading connectors to accelerate delivery between the data source and target solutions

Easy Transformations

Use expressions to transform from any source so it becomes compatible with and acceptable to the destination system

On Call Info Services

Built in dynamic stages for loading, preparing and pre-processing or third party enrichment completeness checks

Dynamic Prediction Modelling

Use different inputs into the prediction model to understand possible outcomes before committing

Embedded 360 Analytics

Insight and dashboards embedded directly into the places where people work to create understanding

In-flight Governance

Check fields, manage exceptions and perform error remediation on the fly or answer data processing audit calls

Secure On-Premise Connection

Secure and seamless connectivity with on-premise enterprise applications and systems