Automated Finance Solutions to Unlock Scale and Value

Finance solutions from Put It Forward enable organizations to deliver more and raise performance levels. Maximizing productivity while digitizing operations and managing risk and compliance.

  • Decision and process mining to unlock bottlenecks, identify gaps and waste
  • No code connection and integration for fast data access, data loading and transformations
  • Eliminate manual rework, bottlenecks and build intelligent process flows
Intelligent automation solutions for finance.

Connecting Data and Intelligence to the Process

Financial Management is all about accurate planning and risk management. So, what are the data challenges that get in the way of doing that successfully and how can we help you with better financial forecasting and control to achieve your goal?

Financial Reporting

Understanding the complete picture of what is happening in an organization is essential for governance, planning and success. 

Cash Management

Unlock efficiencies in the manual and repetitive steps in the AR and AP processes to bring a new level of competitiveness to the organization.

Intelligent FP&A

Maximize the potential of the FP&A process by unlocking the manual bottlenecks that stand in the way of efficiency, scale and contributing true value to the organization.

Financial Governance and Process Management

Reporting and Analytics

Connecting Systems of Record for Consolidated Reporting

  • Having complete and accurate records is essential for any part of the business but especially for financial management in the areas of planning and risk management. 

Finance Activity Management Reconciliation

AR and AP Automation

Automating Manual and Repetative Tasks

  • Lower costs to the business by keeping the activity "in process" preventing not only a break in the specific process but avoiding the inefficiences from manual work arounds.

Intelligent FP&A

Intelligent FP&A Automation

Connecting Deep Learning To Deliver Insights.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent in spreadsheets and data analysis with automated deep learning.  You configure what is important for the model to focus on then work with the results.

“61% of ERP implementations take longer than expected and
74.1% of ERP projects exceed budget.”


Some Put It Forward Intelligent Automation
Solution Resources For You

Financial Reporting and Analytics

Check how Intelligent automation for financial reporting helps connect the dots between systems of record and reveal hidden insights replacing manual spreadsheet work.

AR and AP Process Automation

Managing account receivable (AR) and payable (AP) processes without a solution that connects manual and system processes results in expensive time consuming repetative work arounds.

Using a Data Platform

When storing and seeing data is not enough. Understanding how to leverage a data platform is a key to competitive success for all enterprises.

Ready to Take the Next Step With Data Integration?

Do More With The Complete Financial Picture

Increase forecast accuracy and manage risks by seamlessly connecting data, systems and insights across your enterprise.

Finance Reporting

Link activity, project costs and capacity across the organization for an integrated view

Project/Budget Sync

Keep activities between projects and budgeting processes in sync for visibility into spend and revenue

Accounts Receivable

Automate the late collection process, manage late payers, optimize DSO and auto reconcile

Accounts Payable

Optimize on time process management, increase DPO and maximize productivity

Cross Channel Attribution

Simplify the understanding of customer and cost attribution across channels with spend integration

Activity Costing

Allocate resources more accurately by getting a view into aggregate issues or incidents

Predictable Rate Cards

Adjusting to market factor by dynamically setting rates based on cost predictions and external factors

Intercompany Reconciliations (ICR)

Extract and consolidate transactions data from different business systems and units