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Shape What Happens With Customer Prediction Analytics

It used to be that organizations tried to forecast customer behavior by scoring specific events and turning that into a propensity model.  

Modern solutions help identify a customers true intent and do it at scale.

  • What's needed is a single system that proactively mines your customer data to identify relationships or correlations that signal a probable behavior
  • Is something that a human can work with to understand what is possible
  • Makes it easy to work with multiple models and immediately implement the outcomes without bothersome coding or tech
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What Makes a Great Customer Propensity Model

Can be Dynamic

As the world and events change quickly so does the market, any model that you use needs to constantly mine new information.

Works With Humans

Be easy to use as part of a professionals day to day to decision process without requiring a Phd in computer science.

Shows ROI Clearly

Can take complex predictions and break them down into simple categories like probability to purchase or cost of customer acquisition.

Is Super Scalable

Scalable in that as the size of the audience set increases they can still deliver refined and valuable predictions.

Propensity to Buy

The core model which helps you identify new customers and their propensity to convert into paying customers.

Customer Lifetime Value - CLV

Being able to understand what the possible total value is of that customer over their lifetime so you can allocate appropriate resources.

Churn Forecasting

It's impossible to convert and to keep all customers. A robust model helps you forecast probable churn giving you the head start at retention.

Engagement Propensity

Engagement propensity modelling saves an enormous amount of time by running A/B tests and identifying the best conversion tactics.

Master your customer audience

Use powerful and configuration based propensity models that sit atop data mining and AI algorithms to keep on top of your customer audience.

  • Massively improve your conversion rates at any point in the customer journey by identifying who is your next customer

  • Scale your audiences by fully utilizing your customer contact data sets to include all recent touches across your organization

  • Quickly create new audience segments based on the outcome you're looking for such as responding to a message or promotion

Mine the data to automatically find the perfect customer segment

Data science techniques and processes run in the background to help you identify the perfect customer at that moment for your offer.

  • Unlock your customer contact sets full potential by including them on demand in your campaigns
  • Actively simulate A/B testing before delivering a single piece of content across your audience

Choose the best possible outcomes

Have deep data science translated into meaning that you can make decisions with.

  • Reduce the overall size of your campaigns yet increase their velocity and predict who is going to convert
  • Direct straight to customer sales or service a high value contact in midstream campaigns

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