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Intelligent Sales Automation to Drive Revenue Growth

Put It Forward sales automation solutions help sales managers to improve customer experience and streamline the purchase process. Getting real-time customer insights allows sellers to define the best deals and engage with the right offer. Building a successful sales strategy, managers easily increase customer satisfaction and retention, and minimize acquisition effort and costs.

  • Automated customer-centric processes and reduced sales cycle
  • Connected sales applications and quick access to customer interactions
  • Sales actionable insights and increased up-sells and cross-sells
  • Forecasted customer intent to purchase and reduced acquisition budget
Put It Forward Sales Solution

Smart selling and optimized sales performance
to bring more deals

Sales managers play a key role in the success of business. They are responsible for meeting sales targets, building long-term relationships with customers and care about customer loyalty. They put a lot of effort into increasing sales qualified leads and converting them into opportunities. 

However, the over saturated market and dynamic customer behavior make it difficult to bring opportunities and increase sales constantly. Sellers face the challenges of finding the right sales approach to each customer and engage faster to multiply sales.

The Put It Forward team provides automated solutions to help sales managers automate routine processes, engage with the audience ready to purchase, get real-time sales insights and predict customer behavior to sell successfully.

Optimized Sales Performance

Connected sales applications and systems, sales operations automation are must-haves to interact with customers. These techniques save tons of time while engaging multiple customers via different communication channels. Quick access to the customer purchase history helps to check the previous experience and speed up the purchase cycle.

Revenue Growth and Retention

Getting real-time customer insights helps to understand customer preferences and offer the right solution at the right time. Using a data-driven approach, sales managers can segment the audience by their intent to purchase and focus on fast revenue generation. Sellers can easily define when the current opportunity can be expanded, and make up-sells and cross-sells.

Forecasted Sales and Reduced Risks

While working with a rich customer base, it’s difficult to distribute the sales efforts and acquisition budget effectively. However, using predictive sales insights, sellers can forecast which segment is ready to purchase and bring the higher average check. Acting with predicted sales insights helps to invest the acquisition budget effectively, reduce risks, and get the maximum profit.

Hundreds of organizations have implemented Put It Forward's
sales automation solutions successfully

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Optimized Sales

Seamless Customer Experience, Automated Sales Workflows

  • Reacting faster on customer requests, understanding better their needs and desires, and giving them what they want at the right time are the core drivers of seamless customer experience. Connect customers' interactions into the integrated profile to check out quickly the previous engagement and use the best sales technique. Talk to more customers every day and make more deals with automated sales workflows.

Revenue Growth and

Integrated Sales History, Sales Actionable Insights

  • Easily define customers interacting with your brand and product in each step. Quickly access the customer profile to offer the right solution and close deals faster. Get the real-time insights to segment and prioritize the customer base for next nurturing. Convert more leads into opportunities using the customer signals of their preferences and readiness to purchase. Quickly close deals by connecting customers with the finance and accounting teams.

Forecasted Sales and
Reduced Risks

Revenue Forecast Model, Predicted Sales Outcome

  • Make smart sales decisions using actionable sales insights. Predict the revenue outcome of any customer segment before engaging it. Check out the outcomes of various engagement strategies and find out the best one to act with. Manage the acquisition budget effectively and invest in successful sales engagement campaigns. Monitor the customer satisfaction and predict the churn rate.

How sellers benefit from intelligent sales automation:

  • Automated day-to-day sales operations
  • Faster leads to opportunity conversion
  • Increased up-sells and cross-sells
  • Revenue and demand forecasting
  • Smart sales insights for revenue generation
  • Alignment with marketing, finance and accounting

"5-20% probability of selling to a new prospect and
60-70% probability of selling to an existing customer."


Sales Connections in Action

Put It Forward Oracle Responsys Salesforce Integration

Marketing Automation and CRM

No Code data integration connectors, process orchestration and intelligence to for Responsys and Salesforce to drive the lead life cycle management.
Put It Forward Netsuite SugarCRM Integration

Marketing Automation and CRM

No-Code configuration connectors for Netsuite SugarCRM integration that overcome the limitations of all others.
Put It Forward Foresight

Embedded Analytics in CRM

Embed deep engagement insights about what activity is occurring right into where your team works
Put It Forward Eloqua Salesforce Integration

Marketing Automation and CRM

Turn key no-code data integration connectors, process automation and intelligence to drive best in class customer experiences for Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce together

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Generate more sales with Put It Forward automation solutions
and enhance customer experience

Grow Revenue with Smart Selling

Improve customer sales experience and close more deals by connecting customer data, automating sales workflows, analyzing customers readiness
to purchase and forecasting the demand.

Customer 360

Customize sales conversations by sharing customer activity

Cost Attribution

Understand better the cost factors in closing a lead

Lead Scoring

Generate higher qualified leads with scoring that is real-time and relevant

Customer Expansion

Connect front-end to back-end and increase expansion opportunities

Cross - Channel

Bridge the unknown visitor to the known contact

Reporting Accuracy

Enhance forecasting models with deeper views into lead to close universe

Enterprise Integration

Align sales and marketing by sharing relevant customer data across systems

Data Control

Meet governance requirements with better control of customer data