Unified Customer Experience Made Effortless

You've invested heavily in the best of breed customer solutions and now it's time to bring the end to end customer experience to life.

  • Connect all the customer touchpoints to build a seamless experience
  • Standardize and scale processes with a unified business model
  • Deliver based on deep insights about what the customer is really wanting from you
Customer Experience Design to Process

What Unlocks a Powerful Customer Experience?

Scales End to End

Is able to connect the end to end experience that starts with the direct customer straight through to fulfillment and service.

Ability to Change Quickly

As the world and events change quickly so does the market, any model that you use needs to constantly mine new information.

Deep Insights Simplified

Data insights are made easy to understand and work with that show really what is happening with the customer.

Works With Humans

Be easy to use as part of a professionals day to day to decision process without requiring a Phd in computer science.

Orchestrated Customer Journey

The ability to create composable customer journeys that can be integrated into your own internal processes

Unlocks Deep Personalization

Content to commerce to contracts are all part of the experience which need to be structured in just the right way for each buyer persona.

Customer Lifetime Value - CLV

Being able to understand what the possible total value is of that customer over their lifetime so you can allocate appropriate resources.

Shows ROI Clearly

Can take complex predictions and break them down into simple categories like probability to purchase or cost of customer acquisition.

Intelligent Automation in 2 Minutes

The Reality of Enterprise Customer Experience Challenges

Your competitors are focusing on customer experience as strategic priority.  49% of enterprises are investing heavily in their platforms.

Many customer experience systems to develop
Customer Experience Issues

The average enterprise has over 120 unique customer engagement systems that are loosely coupled making optimization very challenging

Successful organizations leverage Put It Forward's CX solution 

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Common Customer Experience Use Cases

Customer 360 Views

Customer 360

Creating Unified Customer Views

Without question the omnichannel experience is at the center of many initiatives.   

The ability to create customer 360 views is at the core of an omnichannel strategy to compete effectively in the marketplace.

A different kind of data platform is required for this solution - one that allows you to easily integrate data from a lot of sources, to work with rapidly changing business processes and not just create a view of the customer but turn it into meaningful events.

Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration

Optimizing Best of Breed

Selecting best of breed systems has made for easy decisions in a number of organizations.

Best of breed systems were never made to work well together, regardless if they are from the same platform vendor or not.

To optmize customer experience process and unlock the friction which comes from best of breed systems trying to work together a different approach to process design is needed. An approach that works on top of the systems by composing best in class operational processes to serve the customer.

Decision Automation

Decision Automation

Making Good Decisions at Scale

You can't be everywhere and part of every decision to ensure the right outcome is achieved.

High quality decisions are at the heart of every wonderful customer experience where the right thing is said and the right solution delivered.

To create high quality decisions at scale powerful data solutions that leverage AI and machine learning need to be brought to the frontline at part of the engagement process.  Tools that make it easy for the untrained professional to work with data science and not be a technical developer.  These tools must be able to embed the insights right where the person is working and deliver value at the moment it's needed.

Learn More About Customer Experience Solutions With Put It Forward

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Learn how to optimize processes and interactions across all touchpoints. Access the unified view of customer data and lower costs of acquisition.

Case Study: How to Create a Customer Experience Strategy

Based on the market feedback, the customer experience strategy can be effectively applied to both B2B and B2C scenarios.

How to Predict Customer Behavior and Analyze the Demand

Quickly identify intent within large data sets, connect insights into action with embedded integration, and monitor insights on the intelligent dashboard.

Discover b2b customer experience trends by industry

Customer Experience in Banking

Customer experience is mission critical in the banking industry  – one recent market research found banks could expect to see a 27.5% growth rate simply by improving their customer experience scores by 10%.

Omnichannel experience offers the perfect way to build the connection between online banking and a traditional face-to-face service. Banks can provide customers with a choice of channels and allow them to switch from one to another without disrupting or fragmenting their journey.

As the major advantages, banks can quickly and efficiently resolve problems, respond faster to customer needs and save on support costs. Providing more personalized experience banks become more flexible adapting to customers’ unique needs. All this impacts loyalty and increases customer satisfaction.

High-Tech B2B Customer Experience

Today high-tech organizations are focused on delivering differentiated customer experiences and already implemented data platforms and AI in their businesses to understand customers better and accelerate growth and loyalty.

According to an Adobe survey, 59% of high-tech customers have made analytics, data management, and customer data platforms a top technological priority to enhance the customer experience.

Data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence became essential to move forward. High-tech businesses that invest in and adopt these technologies effectively will be better positioned to deliver more hyper-relevant, personalized experiences.

Customer Experience in Retail

Retail organizations work hard to create a personalized experience for customer engagement. Customer experience management solutions help to understand their customers needs and deliver excellent customer experience.

Personalized experiences help retailers to customize offers across all channels, capture the most preferred channels to interact, engage customers in real-time via interactive conversations, make the best value proposition, promote cross/up-sell at the right time, and gain long-term opportunities. 

All this helps to solve main challenges of inability to engage customers in preferred channels, limited data analysis and lack of automation.

B2B Telecom Customer Experience

Customer service and digital experiences are key points for b2b telecom businesses. Investing in digital channels and innovative technologies allow them to maintain a competitive edge. 

Connected experiences help to analyze customer journeys, providing personalized experience and interactions across multiple channels. With live chats, text chats, mobile accessibility, virtual support self-service and more, telcos can increase their agility and provide intuitive experiences.

Embedding AI solutions makes it easier to collect more data and provide better assistance. The same happens with omnichannel services, it helps to get seamless transitions from multiple ways of communication.

Customer Experience in Healthcare

A seamless end-to-end experience can be provided to patients by improving interactions between the healthcare provider and customers across multiple touch points. Through the transition from selecting healthcare providers or scheduling appointments, retention at each stage can be improved by using innovative customer experience solutions.

Tasks such as checking for doctor’s availability, scheduling appointments, eligibility checks, processing insurance claims, and data migrations can be quite easily automated through AI. All this brings tons of benefits: increases the provider-patient trust levels, enhances loyalty, and grows the patients’ satisfaction.

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