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Customer Data Platform - CDP

Create the all in view of your customer at a moment in time when you need it to reach further, go faster and deliver more value.

  • Enable 360 views of your customers according on fly the segmentation needs of the moment.
  • Predict intent, churn and behavior and go deep into your customers psychographics to create true 1 to 1 relationships
  • Integrate all customer engagement systems and automated unified journies.
Put It Forward Integration Designer User

CDP Key Features

Put It Forward’s data automation network integrates data services, development and management tools, offering a “flip the switch” approach that allows business rules, properties and schedules, all in one platform.

Predictive Segment Modelling

Use different inputs into the prediction model to understand possible outcomes before committing

Integrated Intent Analysis

Choose which inputs go into your decision making process, it's a radical simplification of data science to drive business outcomes

CDP Automation

Use data rules trigger events across systems, automate processes such as assigning a score or to route data based on profile

Data Quality Services

Built-in data services or call out to third party for dynamic data management and enrichment

Code-Free Designer

Responsive browser based designer to build integrations on any device

CDP Integration Connectors

Industry-leading connectors to accelerate integration with all of your assets

Integrated Data Governance

Check fields, exception management and remediation on the fly while remaining audit and regulatory compliant

Secure On-Premise

Secure and seamless integration with enterprise applications and systems

Choices - Why Put It Forward?

Data integration is no longer about connecting one system or application to another. It's about Context. Connecting people, systems and data to enable unrestricted collaboration and a cohesive data story across the enterprise. So how does that benefit you?

Quick to Deploy

Efficiency gain for both business and IT - Citizen Integrator. With configuration both the business and IT user can deploy a data integration project from one platform in about 30 days and have the ability to manage and modify on-the-fly once deployed

Vendor Independent
and Highly Scalable

Vendor roadmap independence
and enterprise reliability
You can change your applications and even systems at any time because PIF's platform solution is independent of the applications and the code.

Complete Data Services

Orchestration, reporting, analytics and business rules with no hardware or software involved. No point-to-point via hard-coded paths. You can now connect data and systems across the organization as the data is connected to the process and the process to the data.

Secure and Compliance Friendly

See and manage the data while being audit compliant.Unlike vendor-supplied or developer-supplied code that can't be changed or controlled or even trace data movement, PIF's solution passively monitors data and systems and users can remediate errors in flight.

Create dynamic views of your
customer in a moment of time

  • On the fly composite views of your customer data which includes master and reference data of your choosing
  • Create multiple views of your customer data depending on the use it's needed for such as marketing, sales, service, support or compliance
Customer Relationship Links
Data Management Without Replication

Streamlined CDP integration - leverage the data where it is

  • No need to replicate data at rest any more - connect to the data elements where they are
  • Centrally govern the data in motion for increased control and value

CDP automation processes - connect customer processes and austomate

  • Use the connectivity tools of Put It Forward to get that data into virtually any other environment
  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of deploying yet another customer data application
Put It Forward Platform Builder Orchestration

Put It Forward - An Integrated Solution Suite

Modern tools that run alone or together to help you scale the intelligent data story

Put It Forward Platform Manager

Platform Manager

Automate and orchestrate the components of your platform from a single workspace.
Put It Forward Integration Designer

Integration Designer

Code-free design that delivers codeless integration, business rules and data transformations.
Put It Forward Data Governance Module

Data Governance

Report at any moment in time what is happening with your data.
Put It Forward Predictive Analytics

Delphi - Predictive

Built-in predictive analytics and insights that you can control directly.
Put It Forward - Foresight Embedded Analytics

Foresight - Insights

Embedded 360 degree insights of an account, contact or member.

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As the owner of data integration software you need to know that it can be used by real people.


This is software designed for the professional to unlock value and can't wait for someone to write code with legacy tools.

Ready to Take the Next Step With a CDP Solution?

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